Monday, November 27, 2006

You could spend half your life waiting for the other shoe to drop

From a women's-mag pet advice column: 'My cat has gone blind. How will this affect her?'

From the same mag's 'psychic' advice column: 'My father died a year ago. Is he all right?'


Ampersand Duck said...

Ha! Snap!
I was just laughing over the same issue...

"I've just turned 18 and I want to change my name. I feel the name 'Ke-Sahn Naytalee' carries too much pain. I want to be "Muffintop Marri-leanne'. To me she is the answer."


Mindy said...

Someone wants to name themselves after the tummy roll that squeezes over the top of a waistband?

Bernice said...

But the world has turned grey and dull - the Good Weekend has dropped Ptolemy II. Shame, you bastards, shame. Vale to the cynical lass who wrote it. You will be missed.