Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In which Pav gets picky about where she puts her paws

About half an hour ago I caught sight of the cats gazing more purposefully than usual out of the back screen door; clearly there was something exciting on cat television. I went to investigate and found two really enormous sleepy lizards rustling around busily on the back doormat, either oblivious to the cats less than a foot away or somehow aware that the industrial-strength Pet Mesh in the security door was holding its own. Either that, or they knew they could whup the cats if it came to it. They pretty much matched them for size, for a start.

I see from the archives that the first lizard sighting is nearly a whole calendar month earlier than last year. I assume they're after water, poor things. Aren't we all. After some thought I busted open the three-pack of disposable aluminium baking-dishes from the as-yet-unpacked shopping and used it to make them a little sunken pool in the vegie patch. It's crooked and aslant, but I can't remember where I put the spirit level and the set square thingy.

Naturally they were disturbed by my backyard activities and waddled away to hide. For such big fat rustly-rustly varmints their powers of camouflage and concealment are quite astonishing, and I was reminded that in previous summers I have occasionally nearly stepped on one.

If critters of the reptile persuasion are trying to get into the house, I can only hope that the 'If you've got sleepy lizards then you won't have snakes' line is more than just a dodgy bit of folk wisdom.


Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, my. I hope so too. Nice idea, the foil watering hole. We don't have any lizards in our suburb, or maybe that's because the streets are over-run with cats.

redcap said...

If you have sleepy lizards, you won't have snails, either. But then I suppose that all the snails have dried up and died anyway from the lack of rain.