Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I don't like cricket, oh no ... I love it

From today's Crikey:

'Flintoff apparently shocked that Australia played to win

Nick Place writes:

Here’s a strange quote. English captain Andrew "Freddy" Flintoff, speaking immediately after Monday’s loss to Australia:

"Maybe it started with a few nervy lads knocking around and it took our time to get into the Test match. But having experienced that now and had a taste of what Ashes cricket is about playing (in) Australia … we can go into Friday knowing what to expect and how hard Australia will come at us."

This ranks, for mine, as the strangest comment heard yet in the saga of this Ashes series ... What was Flintoff saying? That somehow ... it hadn’t occurred to him or his team that Ricky Ponting’s side might come at them "hard" in the re-match? That playing Ashes cricket in Australia might need some sort of mental and physical preparation? ... And now, after a whole four and a half days of mostly one-sided action that saw Australia take a decisive 1-0 lead in the series, Flintoff says: Gee, this time, in Adelaide, we’ll be ready for the fact Australia will be playing to win.

You know what, Freddy? That’s an excellent idea.

No wonder Ricky Ponting had that dangerous and ruthless look in his eye when he looked towards Friday’s Second Test and said: "There’s not much time for England to go away and do much to get their games in order."

Earth to Freddy: Adelaide ain’t going to be no picnic either.'



ThirdCat said...

Have you got tickets? I'm jealous if you have.

Also I have just read that the Grange Kiosk is closing in January. Is this true?

Pavlov's Cat said...

(a) No -- me and my suppressed-redhead/skin cancer genes like to stay out of the sun and watch the instant replays from the sofa, a short walk from the fridge.

(b) I hope not, but it's possible. They got a nasty rap over the knuckles in the Advertiser's Food Guide '06 for prices rising in inverse proportion to the quality of the food, and it may have been enough to sink them. Bugger, if so.

Bernice said...

The telly thing is for mine, too much like eating too many potato chips in one sitting. But the ABC radio commentary, running as a sound track through the work day, I find somewhat tragically, endlessly entertaining. But i would like to see the Poms win in Adelaide, just so the other three test have a bit of tension. Not looking likely though from Freddy's comments...

Anonymous said...
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