Monday, November 27, 2006

Idol final highlights and lowlights


A talent competition was won by the person with the most talent. Unusual, but cheering.

Jess is a cute kid with a freaky voice, but she has no technique and persistent pitch problems, as demonstrated last night when she was a consistent quarter-tone flat all through her solos in one of the group numbers.


Intellectual giant James Matheson introducing Damien Leith's performance of that well-known anthem beloved of rev-heads everywhere, 'Nissan Dorma' -- a song he clearly believes to be about a sleepy Japanese car.


redcap said...

I'm rather relieved that it's all over and I can have my Sunday nights back for more useful endeavours :) It's a pity the Idol song is so dreadful, though.

Anonymous said...

I celebrated by ordering Bobby Flynn's EP and not watching.

Zoe said...

That would be me, it wouldn't let me tell you who I was.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I agree that Bobby was hypnotic and original, a charismatic like Chanel Cole, but I don't actually like his voice very much. I judge 'em strictly on the actual musicality. Damien is a dag, but I'd be happy to listen to (not necessarily watch, so much) him sing any of the music I like.

Sorry about the signing-in thing. Blogger is behaving very strangely, but I don't want to switch to the new version because so many people had such a dreadful time with it.

Zoe said...

I am freed by lacking your musicality, Dr Cat ;) but I do like his voice, too.

In part the purchase was spurred on by the husbang, whose family are pretty much all professional musicians or music teachers -they all understand that not making money early in your career means a short career in music.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I'll probably buy it as well, for that very reason. Tell you what though, I bet Damien's album does better than the winners' albums usually do. As for musicality -- mine consists in little more than being excruciated by out-of-tuneness, which is why I never really warmed to Jess, but I do love that richness and effortlessness of Damien's.

I can't judge the so-called Idols by any other criterion, because I am too old to care, ie the same age as Mark and Marcia whose proprietary interest in the young persons I find vaguely creepy. (At least two of the small daughters of immediate neighbours refer to me in piercing tones as 'she' when talking to their parents in their front yards, and clearly regard me as the local crone despite the fact that there is a real, and way OTT, crone just down the street. I am thinking of buying myself a broomstick, and teaching the cats to balance on it.)

redcap said...

I have to admit that I looked at the songs on Damien's album today and thought about buying it. Message to My Girl, check. Crying, check. Hallelujah, check. The other half will tease me mercilessly if I do, of course.

I'd love to be the local crone, by the way :)