Sunday, November 19, 2006

What other kind is there?

Sign seen yesterday at Target:

'CLEARANCE: Underwear bras'

Red polka dots, purple lace, poison-green check and rhinestones: every one of them a bra that had earned its place on the clearance rack.

They were all underwired, too.


elsewhere said...

Arguably, there are also outerwear bras...I wouldn't trust anything from Target tho.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Indeed. But aren't they called something else? I bet you five bucks whoever wrote that sign would not recognise the word 'underwire' for its correct meaning if she saw it written down. And this in spite of the fact that she probably does see it written down a dozen times a day.

It's right up there with 'advocado', 'medium strip' and -- my personal fave -- 'I pacifically told him not to do that!'

In fact, I think what we have here is an eggcorn!

dogpossum said...

that's awesome.
The Squeeze always uses 'brought' instead of 'bought' and it drives me mad.

elsewhere said...

We call the local paper here the Centralian Advocado. Gives it a Latin American ring, I guess.

Laura said...

Red polka dots, purple lace, poison-green check and rhinestones

Not all in the same garment I hope!!