Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shoot me now, part 2

Worst drought ever, tips Costello.

Yes, that's right, the Treasurer's become a climate expert. Useful really, given that half the country is already on fire less than two weeks into October and all my old Curramulka Primary classmates on Yorke Peninsula are bracing themselves today for the total destruction of their already drought-ridden dwarf barley crops after today's hot winds.

Here's my favourite bit of the Costello article:

'In a speech the previous night to the Energy Supply Association of Australia, Mr Costello, while endorsing Government policy on global warming, added a strong personal view that reducing it should be a priority along with economic growth.'

That's it, Cap'n Smirk, you take a clear, firm, unambiguous stand. Bold lad.

Are they bastards, or are they just f*ckwits? You decide.*

Either way, shoot me now.

* These categories are not mutually exclusive


Bernice said...

Much prefer to shot them really. Often wonder if they believe they'll escape the ecological meltdown in a spaceship currently docked under Mt Rushmore, or maybe Tom Cruise will offer them a lift in the mothership on his way home to Planet Boy-Was-That-Close-ta-ta-Losers

Ampersand Duck said...

Ooh, so hard to choose! Glad you put the footnote in, cause I'd be saying ALL OF THE ABOVE.

gandhi said...

Well the Minister for Health, Tony Abbott, was lecturing us about history in the SMH earlier this week... And Howard maintains a running commentary on just about everything except Iraqi death rates... Intellectual giants, the lot of them. Obviously.

Laura said...

Didn't he do that about the Republic too, more or less?


Glenn Condell said...

To quote myself, nearby winds have nothing to fear from Peter Costello's caution.

But on the other hand....

genevieve said...

I knew there must be something important being rushed through the Senate if Costello was on the front page talking about farmers, and there was - some complex legislation about broadcasting. Funny, that.