Friday, October 13, 2006

Quote of the week

There can't be a thinking woman in all of the West who has not wondered, at some point over the last five years, what manner of woodwork could possibly have disgorged the teeming swarms of men who hitherto could not have given a rat's moth-eaten backside about the freedoms of women, but who have suddenly come over all pecs-flexed and po-faced about how dreadful and shocking it is that some Muslim women are denied certain liberties and rights. But I have never till now seen it expressed so well as Tigtog does here. (So it took me twelve days to catch up with it -- but the passage of time has only added to its lustre.)

"... Blob forbid that we should discuss the semiotics of gender segregation, especially amongst Christians, without some fella attempting to shut us up by pointing at the poor oppressed Muslim women.

Feminists were discussing oppressive Islamic practises long before the War on Terror began, and none of you oh-so-caring lot gave a stuff back then."


Mindy said...

She does had a lovely way with words. As do you.

Plus she makes a very good point.

Jennifer said...

Yes, a very good point. Thanks for pointing me at the comments (even if they were full of cats).

tigtog said...

Thanks, all. I did feel the need to skewer that one, definitely. The attempt to silence women with valid complaints by parading the implicit thread of worse oppression elsewhere is a continuing peeve.

tigtog said...

thread=threat, or should anyway.