Monday, October 30, 2006

Adelaide's Audreys at the ARIAs

Pic from here, plus a lot of other good stuff

Here's something I wrote in a local-tourism column about pubs around Adelaide back in December 2004 when The Audreys were still a well-kept secret:

'By mid-afternoon, as a leisurely birthday lunch at the Stanley Bridge Tavern in Verdun reaches the post-coffee stage and we are now the only group left in the dining room, a slender young woman with short dark hair and an equally young man in a very cool hat come through the door lugging a cargo of amplifiers and instruments. They turn out to be Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall, one half of The Audreys, and by the time they’ve set up for their pre-gig sound check and sung a few bars of this and that, it’s clear that they are very, very good. Taasha and Tristan are now Thursday night regulars there, playing audience-interactive acoustic sets that show off their lyrical, disciplined musicality, their collection of neo-folkie ‘toy-store instrumentation’, and their extensive repertoire up at the folksy end of rock, the classy end of country and the bluesy end of, well, blues.'

Sure enough, last night The Audreys won an ARIA for Best Blues and Roots Album. Am I a deadly talent-spotter or what? The album is Between Last Night and Us, and here's a taste, from Track 4, Pale Dress.


Ampersand Duck said...

Onya, Pav.

I'm pretty happy about Claire Bowditch too. It's the first time in ages I've been pleasantly surprised by mass voting.

mark bahnisch said...

Thanks for the tip, Pavlov's Cat.

I read something about them in Time Off when they toured Brisvegas, and meant to check out their gig, but didn't make it.

So today, based on this post, I went and bought their album!

Pavlov's Cat said...

Hope you listened to the sample first ... But even if it's not really your style of music, Taasha Coates has a beautiful voice and they really are extremely good.

&D, I heard a lovely interview with Clare Bowditch on the radio this afternoon. Is it common knowledge that not only did she win a major ARIA but she's also seven months pregnant with twins? Enough with the productivity already!

mark bahnisch said...

Just listening to the whole album now - it's lovely!

mark bahnisch said...

Love the cover of "Don't Change"!

mark bahnisch said...

Love the cover of Don't Change!

mark bahnisch said...

I'm still loving it evidently!