Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ZOMG!!11!!1 Six figures!

Oh yes, it would be nice if that title referred to my income ... heh ... but ... haha .. I probably wouldn't blog about it .... HAHAHAHAHAHA oh well. Sorry, let me regain my composure for a moment here.

No, the title refers to the number of visits to this site since I first installed the stats counter (the one with the numbers at the bottom of the page, not the country-counting one in the sidebar; that's more recent) in March 2006. I didn't expect to get to six figures for another few days, but a couple of links from well-attended sites yesterday put a positively alarming spike in the visitor stats.

I gather that many bloggers obsess about numbers of visitors and comments but I've given it much less attention than I thought I would when I installed the counter, which remains the very basic freebie one that doesn't do all that much fancy stuff. If one blogged in order to make money, I suppose it would matter more -- but then, if one blogged in order to make money it would be incredibly tedious and dreary and I wouldn't do it, so.

My favourite features of the stats counter are (1) the maps that show you where visits are from, (2) the details about visitors' computers, browsers, locations, addresses and so on that help you to stalk your stalkers, and (3) the often hilarious information about what search terms have led total strangers from Chile and Uzbekistan to finish up at your blog.

I haven't done a 'search term' post for ages, but an odd fact leaps out at me every time I check them out. Apart from the usual variations on the themes of 'Pavlov' and 'Cat', the two search terms that most frequently land people here are, wait for it, octopus tentacle porn and frog cake.

The latter now has its very own Wikipedia entry, complete with cross-section. Frog Cake t-shirts are also available.


ThirdCat said...

I'm just wondering, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, but do you really like frog cakes?

In my experience - which, I must admit goes no further than watching people eat them - they are kind of inedible. Like, really, I have never been able to bring myself to eat one.

Pavlov's Cat said...

If I am desperate for a sugar hit then there is nothing like a frog cake. Ditto a nostalgia hit. But by and large I am not a huge fan of fondant icing, no. I prefer royal icing or buttercream icing. I also prefer real, fresh cream. I may be a glutton but I am a glutton with Standards.

Over many years of intermittent frog cake consumption I have come to the conclusion that some frog cakes are stale. Which does nothing for their appeal.

What I really like is looking at them. They crack me up.

meli said...

i don't think i actually liked frog cakes even as a child, but we loved the idea of them. grandma sometimes had them in her cake drawer. yep, she had a cake drawer. balfours is - well, was - kind of in the family, actually (i'm inordinately proud of this. we're the wauchope side of balfour-wauchope). my grandma had her wedding reception in the old cafe, more than 55 years ago.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh wow, how genuinely Adelaide is that! My only direct connection with Balfour's is that I worked the 3-9 am shift in the factory for a few months when I was a student, packing pies and pasties to put on the bus to country towns like the one I grew up (and consumed many Balfour's pies and pasties) in.

My friend D's mother was a shareholder and had been involved in keeping them financially afloat at one point when they got wobbly. When she died they had a rather jolly knees-up after the funeral, at which plates of (fresh!) frog cakes figured prominently, in all available colours.

Mummy/Crit said...

But whatt about the octopus tentacles? apparently a real genre in japanese anime...