Monday, July 28, 2008

La séduction, la tendresse, la jalousie et la passion

Looky here at this gorgeous thing, Les Animaux Amoureux, found via grow-a-brain. The music is by Philip Glass (but it sounds an awful lot more like Michael Nyman to me).


Mindy said...

We were driving through Canberra the other weekend, past one of the roundabouts that has a pond at the centre and on the pond were two black swans. "Look at the swans Charlie" I said. I then looked closer at the swans myself. "Goodness!" I said to my husband, I'm not sure I really want him to see that after all!" They were quite busy making baby swans. Fortunately Charlie either didn't notice or didn't care and we were saved explanations.

Anonymous said...

From the little I've heard of each, Michael Nyman often sounds like Phillip Glass (but maybe it's the other way round).