Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And furthermore ...

... as though to fan the flames of the undifferentiated ire I seem to be suffering from today, as gestured at in that last post -- don't you have days when general pissed-offedness just seems to pour itself thickly and stickily all over everything, like chocolate sauce? (No no, not like chocolate sauce. Over-used motor oil? Green slime?) -- one of my sisters has just sent me an email pointing out that if you think petrol is expensive, you should see how much some other well-known liquid commodities cost per litre.


Evian Water, $7.86 (hah, tap water must cost nearly as much as that by now, all up)

Red Bull, $11.80

Bundy Rum, $40.80

Robitussin cough mixture, $199.00

Visine Eye Drops, $379

Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume, $580.00 (to smell like Britney??)

L'Oréal Revitalift Day Cream, $599.00 (uh oh)

Printer ink, $1,040

Actually, that makes me feel kind of better. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

*Walks off whistling*


ocky said...

Oh, I tried that recipe. It cleared up my cough but I was blind for a week.

genevieve said...

I do understand that making petrol more expensive means we use it more carefully, and agree that can be a good thing: however an issue that has recently come to light is that when paid carers of the disabled and elderly are not recompensed for travel to and from in-home jobs, they are more reluctant to work, given that travel becomes too expensive to justify working.
Not affecting me directly at this point in time - however there are issues for people whose carers are employed directly by an agency rather than by a local council.

One does not want to go through that much perfume, or Robitussin, in a hurry, eh.

Another Outspoken Female said...

I noticed DJ's was selling loose leaf (conventional) peppermint tea for over $144/kg. That would make rather a number of litres of tea though!

Pavlov's Cat said...

Good old DJs, at least they're reliable; you know they're going to rip you off. I made something tea-ish recently by pouring boiling water on freshly grated ginger and chopped mint leaves from the garden, straining it and sweetening it with honey, and it was yummier than any hot drink I've ever had unless you count hot chocolate with honey and cream.