Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Merde: a list

1) Deadline day.

2) Skin cancer treatment (on face, though blessedly hidden by fringe -- sometimes) has now been painful and unsightly for over a month. (Painful and unsightly means it's working, but the longer this goes on, the colder the comfort.)

3) Member of inner circle of beloveds in hospital.

4) Harassment by phone and email from several quarters inc Animal Welfare League whose book of raffle tickets I have lost. Again.

5) House falling down around my ears.

6) Shocking news from bathroom scales.

7) Still no world peace.


Suze said...

Sorry about the merde.
I've just (last night) started using that same cream for same reason on my back - does it really get that sore and painful?

Pavlov's Cat said...

Not actually sore so much as annoying, with bouts of soreness, one of which I'm currently having. If it's on your back you won't be tempted to fiddle with it so much or reminded of it so often, which is my main problem. It's actually much less painful and irritating than I was expecting it to be -- I'm just sick to death of it after all this time!

sigmund marx said...

Do you need the bathroom scales? Why not ditch them and save yourself the angst? And I sympathise with deadline day angst - that horrible tension at the front of my head when I have passed a deadline, haven't filed, see no prospect of filing and the kids are on holidays. I'm find solace/escapism in old episodes of Seinfeld.

Anonymous said...

I second sigmund. I can't help with the cancer, the poorly mates or the home maintenance, but ditch the scales.

Bathroom scales are best reserved for weighing ones baggage before a flight.

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh yes, merde scales are just merde. Life is so much nicer without them.

Clothes are a much better indicator, especially when your inside trouser seams have worn so much that you realise that your supposedly sedate yoga poses only serve to reveal the goosebumpy whites of your thighs...

Hope the merde moves on.

Deborah said...


I find it brings relief for many problems.

And to hell with the scales.

Hilary said...

When you drive north of Port Augusta and the soil is red and the scrub is blue, and when you wave to every other driver on the road because you know you are there for each other in case of emergency, the thing I love about that place is Nothing Matters. Deadlines schmedlines. Most people out there don't even see the point of finishing a sentence.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Thanks all for kind suggestions. The deadline has been met and the hospitalised are resting comfortably. Still no world peace though.

I do so wish I could say Deadlines Schmedlines, but unfortunately it would mean not having enough money for enough petrol to get me to Gepps Cross, never mind Port Augusta and points north.

As for the scales -- hah. I have thrown out a number of bathroom scales over the course of the Forty-Year Kilo Wars, and it has always been a tactical error.

Zoe said...

Why did no one mention wine?

Pavlov's Cat said...

Good question. I find wine more helpful even than chocolate, and slightly less depressing bathroom-scales-wise.

Still, even I am shocked at how quickly those six bottles of verdelho from the Fox Creek cellar door have disappeared. Perhaps the cats have taken up drinking.

Ampersand Duck said...

I get shocked at how many bottles end up lined next to the door waiting for recycling. Wine & whines: can't go past them.

How are you feeling today?

Pavlov's Cat said...

Much better, thank you very much for asking.

So much better that I might go for a little shopping jaunt to Dan Murphy's later in the day.

(Sooner or later surely Haigh's and Fox Creek will start sending me freebies, and at this rate Dan Murphy's as well. I am thinking of turning on AdSense, not because it would be worth it in pennies but just to see what Google chooses for me to advertise. Books, wine, products for the comfort and well-being of cats -- what's not to love?)

Anonymous said...

Actually you are putting on weight because your brain muscle is getting larger.

- barista

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh, is that what it is!