Thursday, July 03, 2008


Having got off to the worst possible start by not actually putting up a post on the first day of the month, I have nonetheless decided that July will be a blog-every-day month, for no reason other than that I've never tried to do it before. The default topic is Work.

Today's work:

-- read, grade and write an examiner's report on an MA thesis in Gastronomy that looks at the evolution and influence of food blogs

-- write and send invoice for same

-- do a whole heap of filing

-- start in on my tax

-- start reading Zoë Ferraris's (she makes a feature of the diaresis and who am I to muck around with someone else's name) novel The Night of Mi'raj for review. Sample:

Although it was her wedding, she felt a deep need to please her in-laws, or at least not disgust them. A few weeks ago, Nusra had arranged for a professional dressmaker to come to the house, and the woman had arrived with twenty dresses, every one of them gaudy and overpriced, bedizened with sequins and Byzantine embroidery, gold lamé and tassels, heavy layers of satin and lace. Some had real bone corsets and others had monstrous hoop skirts, which made her feel like a roundabout statue, something to gawk at. Worst of all, the colours were appalling -- mustards and hot pinks, chili greens and a hazardous, painful orange.


Zoe said...

Kerry, I'll have you know that irl I have a diaresis too.

And that thesis sounds interesting. Let us know any interesting links?

Anonymous said...

"Although it was her wedding, she felt a deep need to please her in-laws, or at least not disgust them. [...]"

This sounds like a fool-proof recipe for disaster.


Dysthymiac said...

Is a novel an 'entertainment' or a tool? Does 'The Night Of The Mi'raj', and all the other books with organised ill-treatment of women at their core, just use this dreadful thing as a plot device, or does the spread of knowledge about it help? (it can't be helping, because there has been so many of them over such a long time)

The whole world is sacrificing these sub-women on the altar of the infernal internal-combustion engine.

I loathe the Saudis as they are the main customers of our live sheep exports. Wherever women are having a bad time, animals are having a worse one.

Good luck with your task, and peace and love ...

Bernice said...

Dear PC,

The express post parcel due on your doorstep contains 2 years of unsorted receipts, invoices and epherema relating to my tax. Please return when complete.



Pavlov's Cat said...

Bernice, I'm actually pretty good at tax. Just as long as you understand that I charge $300 an hour.* I'm a Taurus, what can I say.


sexy11 said...