Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I can has gardning advices pls?

Does anyone know what's likely to be eating my mint at this time of year? It's ordinary old common (or garden. Boom boom) mint and it lives in a pot that sits on the pavers. The shape of the eaten bits suggests caterpillars, but I can't see any.

If you can tell me what it is, can you also tell me how to exterminate it? All advice gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

I usually sprinkle chilli powder on things regardless of what's eating it. It also stops next door's cat from poohing on things. If that doesn't work some crushed garlic, steeped in water and sprayed or sprinkled on tends to annoy critters (without killing your pets or the birds or making your herbs undesirable for you). Obviously both solutions need to be reapplied if it happens to rain.

Anonymous said...

Another good homemade (non-toxic) repellent spray can be made with wormwood leaves. Use 1:1 leaves to water. Chop or crush leaves to release oils and add warm water. Allow it to steep overnight and then strain. Pour into a spray bottle and add a teaspoon of biodegradable liquid soap. This will kill benificial bugs as well - so use sparingly.Should take care of what ever critter is eating your mint (but you will need to leave your mint for a few days, and wash it well before eating).

lucy tartan said...

I thought wormwood was poisonous? Anyway, I think if one hunts nad hunts one usually finds the caterpillar. It's generally quite bloated. And then you can show it to a chicken. If the caterpillar isn't there maybe a bird has already eaten it.

Not much help I know. My mint always looks straggly and gnawed.