Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog post du jour: 'Dead Flat Piece of Dirt of Grace'

This post-a-day business is quite demanding even when one cheats and posts a LOLcat. And tonight it is doubly difficult and delicate, because I know from observing the terrible mistakes of others -- there but for the grace of God, etc -- that if you have had more than two glasses of wine then blogging (or indeed any other form of communication) is potentially a really terrible idea, and I am, well, further on than that.

I mean, hey. I live in South Australia. Temptation finds me. This stuff, for example. Or this. Or, of course, this.


Ampersand Duck said...

Wow, that was beautifully self-restrained for the condition you say you were in. Were you drinking Grange, or just dreaming about it?

Pavlov's Cat said...

I got all the links right first try, and I feel fine this morning, so I must have been soberer than I felt last night. No, I have never drunk Grange and don't expect to in this life, but the Parker's Coonawarra Terra Rossa First Growth I have certainly had (and not only had, but once exercised enough restraint to cellar for eight years). And that is described by the man who writes the wine guide as 'among the great wines of the world'.

But for ordinary domestic TV-watching consumption, I favour a modestly priced white from Woop Woop Wines. Really.

ocky said...

OK. For a minute there, I thought you were getting la-la on Grange, and I thought, 'Cripes, what are they paying for book reviews these days?'

A bloke I once knew, who knew a lot about wine, said Grange Hermitage was a good wine, but not a great wine. The price tag is (of course) merely a reflection of its invented value as a collectors' item. It might as well be antique clocks or cigarette cards, 'cos no one's going to drink the stuff.

The plonk-du-jour at Chez Ocky is usually a Victorian Pyrenees red. Always an excellent second choice if all the Coonawarra reds have mysteriously vanished.

Anonymous said...

Woop Woop make a nice red, as well.

I know two people who have actually drunk Grange btw, and they both reckon it's seriously over-rated. Still, I'd like to try for myself ...


ocky said...

I love the stories (probably apocryphal) of people visiting little country pubs and asking about bottles of wine for sale. A couple of publicans, who presumably were used to only beer or rum, innocently brought out some dusty bottles Henschke's Hill of Grace, and other hugely expensive wonders.
"Dunno what this is, but you can have it for ten bucks."