Wednesday, January 31, 2007

@#$%& feral mongrel doorbitch

Profuse apologies to anyone who is having as much trouble with the Blogger Word Verification Thingy, whenever you try to leave a comment, as I am having myself -- it keeps telling me the letters are wrong even when I know perfectly well they're right, and it takes me two or three tries to get into my own comments box.

Blogger reckon the new version is 'out of Beta', but I think they're having themselves on.


elsewhere said...

I wondered if my eyesight was failing! Those things are damn hard to read sometimes, anyway.

JahTeh said...

Thank God it's not just me. By the time I get past the nonsecure item box, make a comment, do the verification and then do the nonsecure thing again, I'm vowing to become a lurker. Four times today it's done it to me.

Pavlov's Cat said...

The nonsecure item box? Hmm -- are you using Firefox?

I thinkt he thing to do is to sign into one's own Google/Blogger account, if one has one, at the outset. It seems to work fine after that.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Unless of course you've left a typing error uncorrected, in which case it works fine the first time.

Mindy said...

I can't post pictures on my blog either, although they claim that this problem is fixed. I think they still have some things that have gone bung.

Marie said...

I'm completely locked out of my blog and have been for a whole month. Lots of excuses from Blogger about it being a problem with FTP or the fact that it was a group blog, but no solutions.

After a previous month of battling with no photo-uploading, then having to download another browser to upload photos and yet a third browser to publish the post after it was written, then keep clearing cache and cookies, I'm totally fed up. What used to be a pleasurable experience is now a nightmare.

(Marie, the Adelaide blogger in Sweden)