Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Big retirement payouts for former AWB executives"

Ah, that'll be because they did such a fabulous job.

This is my favourite bit: 'Mr Lindberg received $3 million for less than five months of service last year.'

That's about $30,000 per working day.

What could you do with $30,000 a day?

What could 100 drought-ruined wheat farmers do with it, if they shared it around? Or the Smith Family? The CFS? East Timor?


Genevieve said...

Even if I parcelled it out amongst my 16 nevvies and nieces it would still spoil them ruinously, PC.

Dany le roux said...

The Smith Family will not have anything to do with the homeless and do not have much sympathy for renters. They do like to help out home owners . They are institutionalised dispensers of middle class welfare and really have about as much sense of compassion as The AWB.They are a branch of Rotary.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Really? All of the public appeals I've ever seen have been very specifically about sponsoring struggling kids at school to help out with books, uniforms and excursion fees. If that's what you mean by 'middle class welfare' then I am all for it.

But thanks for the heads-up. I'll do a bit of research.

dany le roux said...

Yes but they are the right sort of struggling kids.No mention of emergency help for hungry/distressed/displaced children on their website.No mention of soup kitchens.No mention of poverty mitigation. I found this out in the late 80s in Sydney when there was a very serious homeless problem and their rationale for not helping the homeless (with money for food or even food) was that they refused to use their social security payments for accomodation which was impossible because of the so called "rent crisis".Have a read of the benefits for companies who indulge in partnerships with the Smith Family and read how these companies should tax their workers' paypackets as if the workers are too ill bred to have innate charitable or altruistic feelings or to have their own perceptions of who needs help.