Monday, January 29, 2007

Doesn't think much of his fellow Australians, does he?

Tony Abbott, the Minister for Forcing Everybody Else to Fall Into Line with His Own Personal Belief System, appears to believe that many of his fellow Australians are potential murderers:

'"If euthanasia were legalised there's a whole range of old people who would suddenly be at risk of being bumped off," Mr Abbott told The Age.'

Has anyone noticed him applying that sort of bogeyman-on-the-slippery-slope argument to, say, nuclear power? No, I thought not. He's also wilfully ignoring the fact that voluntary euthanasia is the only kind that anyone is advocating -- that is, he's assuming he can control the populace by playing on their ignorance and fear.

As long as voluntary euthanasia isn't legalised, Minister, there's a whole range of old people who are not just 'at risk' of acute physical and mental suffering, but are experiencing it 24/7, sometimes for years and years on end.

But you, no doubt, would just say that suffering was good for their souls.


redcap said...

Well, that's OK, PC, because Mr Abbott's "fellow Australians" don't think much of him. Get thee to a monastery, Tony! (Or should that be an abbey, Mr Abbott?)

Antipodean said...

This is one of the big ones, for me. The party that puts support for this into their platform will get my vote. Oh, and same-sex marriage, too.

susanna said...

well said - i had a tony-abbott-loathing moment today over at my blog too (though that's really not so very coincidental, seeing as i loathe him constantly).

great blogging name btw - wish i'd thought of it myself. mine is somewhat less creative.

seepi said...

Old Tony should watch his karma on this one.
He already got his just desserts on the whole anti RU86 abortion drug, when he went public with the son that wasn't really his.