Thursday, January 25, 2007


Australian of the Year

Tim Flannery. Gotta love it.

Australian Open First Men's Semi

Roger Federer, who humiliated Andy Roddick in straight sets in less than 90 minutes, and who during his on-court post-match interview with Jim Courier was not even sweating.


ThirdCat said...

What about Ricky Ponting? He must be wondering what he's done wrong. Mr Howard has given all the other cricket captains it. I mean, he won the Ashes back, didn't he? How much more must he be punished?

ThirdCat said...

Oh, and re Federer - I did feel for Roddick, but at least we got to go to bed before midnight.

I'm supposed to only be leaving one comment at blogs, and if I forget half of what I was going to say then that is supposed to be bad luck. But there you go. Hopeless. Lucky I didn't make a formal resolution.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I feel Tim Flannery's being honoured because he supports the Prime Miniature's nuclear ambitions, not because he's an environmentalist (or insofar as he's a pro-nuclear environmentalist).

Cast Iron Balcony

FXH said...

I don't do sport. But all I'm hearing from the females around is Federer, Federer, loverly, Federer, nice, Federer, saw him in a suit once,Federer, polite, Federer, australian men, Federer, blah blah blah.

Is it a girly thing?

Pavlov's Cat said...


But also, watching him is the equivalent of watching Gavin Wanganeen play football. Every now and then, observers cannot believe what they just saw. Commentators are rendered speechless. The horizons of human possibility are broadened.

And they are both extremely cute.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I should add, FXH, that Federer is modest, intelligent, civilised and under control. He does not spit. He does not shout obscenities. He does not throw his racquet around. He does not make that disgusting fist-up-the-arse gesture. He is not, in short, a testosterone-addled, civility-challenged Neanderthal.

Women like that.

Mindy said...

*spoiler alert*

I'm rather partial to Gonzales as well. Looking forward to watching him vs Federer.