Saturday, January 13, 2007


Top to bottom: lavender, morning-glory, plumbago and bougainvillea. All already here when I bought the house nine years ago; all very good for covering up unsightly sheds, unattractive wide white PVC pipes, falling-down fences, and next door's ugly Dodgy Brothers extensions. And all what my Scottish grandma would have called common as muck. They're very pretty in their full effect, but I've never looked at any of them so closely before.

And the Gestalt of the Garden is rather good at this time of year. Summer Blues, I call it.


elsewhere said...

Y'know, I immediately thought Leopold Bloom when I read the title of this post. But perhaps that's not far from being the case!

Mindy said...

Thank you for posting flowers. All mine got mashed by a hail storm so I'm waiting while they slowly grow back. It's nice to be able to enjoy flowers again. (yes I'm too stingy to buy cut ones).

Anonymous said...

I heard on 3-RRR the other day that blue flowers have been wonderful this season because of the intense heat. Apparently blue petals contain a pigment that responds well to heat.

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