Saturday, January 20, 2007

Meteorological intrusions

Apparently this demented weather pattern we're being subjected to down the nation's central strip is called a tropical intrusion.

This part of the paving in the back yard is not supposed to be under water. God knows what that seeping tobacco-coloured stain is; the mind boggles.

This (colour) photo was taken from under the verandah of Quince (top cafe, Quince; fab toast) in the upscale shopping strip down Unley Road in the genteel well-to-do Adelaide inner suburb of Unley at about one o'clock this afternoon.

We're having an intrusion
A tropical intrusion
The temperature's falling
It's slightly appalling
Cos we're having an intrusion


redcap said...

Despite the rather sticky humidity, I'd love another next week. I do love a good storm!

Bernice Bal-CON-ey said...

Can we have some of your intrusion? Please? me tomatoes would be ever so grateful