Sunday, July 16, 2006

So, did Marilyn wax?

I patched another tiny hole in the ragged fishnet that is my movie knowledge last night when I finally watched Legally Blonde, which happened to be on the teeve and in which my interest, previously nil, had been piqued by Reese Witherspoon's more recent, and excellent, turn as Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair.

Couldn't help thinking of the recent populous and protracted discussion over at LP about Brazilians and the pros and cons of female pubic nakedness when I realised why there was such insistent hammering in the movie on the name of Elle's sorority. Does this mean that 'Brazilian' somehow signified 'West Coast' in the US in 2001?

'Delta Nu' is a very East Coast joke.


elsewhere said...

I can't remember much of _Legally Blonde_, which I was forced to watch by a Kiwi several years ago on the grounds that it was very funny, and it was (LB2 less so).

I'm really quite a fan of Reese. I generally think she does the thing that she does (more of what Alicia Silverstone was doing in _Clueless_) very well. I think she's just great in _Walk the Line_.

(Coy Lurker thinks she looks like a chimp.)

Pavlov's Cat said...

Haven't yet seen Walk the Line but I gather she didn't get her Oscar for nothing. The chimp look is the bottom jaw, I think -- but I like her for being just a bit strange-looking and still being able to project 'erotic', which in the context of contemporary US movies is quite a feat.

genevieve said...

Walk The Line was a lovely film. RW is no Meryl, but she's still very good, and looks fabulous later in the film in '70s clobber with straight brown hair. Also shows some ability to project emotion for perhaps the first time.
PC, I watched Legally Blonde for the first time too! surprisingly good for a piece of fluff. Resident film critic sat next to me briefly at the party scene and said, 'ewwwh, straight out of Bridget Jones'. But otherwise I found it way enjoyable.
Election is a brilliant film - she plays a revolting character who will do anything to be class president, and is very funny.

genevieve said...

That is, Election. And Walk The Line.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I just assumed the bunny costume scene was a bit of -- what's the word? -- sampling. Bit of sampling, bit of hommage. Ditto Clueless, to which there were also many nods and winks. Maybe I was overreading it, but what with all the various allusions and trilingual double puns like Delta Nu I just assumed it was an extremely clever (and very PoMo) movie pretending to be something else.

comicstriphero said...


I totally heart teh Legally Blonde.

Seriously, I do.

As a lawyer-type of person, I have to. It's the law.


Ampersand Duck said...

Yeah, I'm a bit fond of it. Don't see number 2 though. It gets a bit much.