Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pomo relativism hits Athens of South: moral decay imminent

I had a letter (yes, a letter! In an envelope addressed in handwriting) today from an Adelaide-born friend who's currently in London. She enclosed a BM postcard of a Michelangelo head and a fortnight-old cutting from Column 8 of the Sydney Morning Herald that she'd been carting around Europe with her waiting for a spare moment to send it:

'"While flying the world-renowned Xiamen Airlines from Wuhan to Hangzhou, China, yesterday, I read an interesting article (the only one in English) in the in-flight magazine about 'The Athens of the South'," writes Vicki Steven. "Apparently Adelarde (sic) is a city of 'many different ethical origins'." Ah! Finally we have confirmation of what many have long suspected.'

Oh hardy har.

Sydders, of course, is a model of urban rectitude.


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