Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sign of the Week

Today I came as close as I ever have to squandering some of my hard-earned on a brand-new and reasonably good digital camera, something I'd never hankered after until I took up blogging in earnest. And here's what brought this on: I was driving home from the supermarket when a sign outside an old house, in the process of being pulled down, caught my eye. It said


Well, yes, I thought. So it is. Demolition work is indeed in progress.

But I've got a nasty sinking feeling that that isn't what the signwriter meant to say.


comicstriphero said...

How about settling for a camera phone?

Those grainy photos (via the poor resolution) make everything look edgy and artistic.

Lucy Tartan said...

See, you blogged about it without the camera.

But I think csh is wise.

elsewhere said...

Ahh, the pressures of blogging. I've taken a few good photos with my phone (incl one of Adelaide airport) but the phone has its limits, esp on distance shots.

Pavlov's Cat said...

El, I would never dare aspire to the quality of your photos anyway. But that doesn't mean they're not inspiring.

Alas, I have strong views on cameras in phones, despire the edgy artistic effects about which csh is no doubt correct.

Zoe said...

I think the sign has a lovely conversational tone.

And the call of the digicam is hard to resist once the blogging bug has got ya.

Mikhela said...

you don't need a very good camera to take web-quality photos - little 2 megapixel cameras are quite cheap (and you were only going to waste that money on food or something anyway)

Ampersand Duck said...

I'd like to see some photos of your garden, if that's an incentive. But I don't really need them, because you describe it so well, so there's a disincentive.