Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And this is what a world without feminism looks like

I can't decide for the life of me which of the characters in this story I should be most enraged with, including those shadowy behind-the-scenes types who enlist and train the US Army.

There are just too many good candidates to choose from.

As you can see.


Ampersand Duck said...

The Uncle (on p.2) wins for me. That question: why bother bringing all this up, when tomorrow everyone will forget about it?

[grits teeth]

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, I think I agree with that. Though I do wonder whether he wins only because he's mentioned last. There are a number of other worthy candidates.

I'd particularly like to know whether the rapist and mass murderer was discharged from the army 'on psychological grounds' before or after they found out what he'd actually done.

Then I'd like to know a bit about his father.

Zoe said...

The Australian this morning said that he was discharged for "personality disorder". Not medically discharged on the basis of a personality disorder. Honourably discharged, that is.

Kate said...

I am sure that in the next few years more and more such awful rapes and murders and abuses will come out.

The culture of the military seems incredibly diseased. From reading Anthony Swofford's memoir of the first gulf war, Jarhead, the intense and awful misogyny of the military (he was in the marines) was so prevalent and so accepted.

Cozalcoatl said...

If you train people to kill, you must train them to see the enemy (men and women) as less than human.
Though who the enemy is in this whole mess is unclear and that must be part of the problem. Its awful and i'm not defending any of these fuckers but of course the culture of the military comes with huge problems and sometimes attracts people with huge problems.
How many of our loverly, geeky men would enlist?
Agghh what a subject! Which i know very little about.
Dinner and wine time.

yecartD said...

Sadly, ampersand & pav, I think that the men in that particular country have so little respect for their women that the uncle is probably only saying what he believes to be true ...

As for the young man who committed the crime? I don't understand how you can be honorably discharged because you have an anti-social personality disorder. This boy is dishonoring all of his fellow military brothers and sisters. Its a shame he didn't stay in the military system as he would definitely have been 'sorted out' in a military jail. If he goes to a civilian jail they will 'sort him out' anyway.

Either way, I hope he rots - the bastard.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Indeed, yecardt, that was partly my point. Women (and feminists) walk a very fine, painful line at the moment between (a) the sorts of RWDBs who say feminists must be hypocrites because we deplore the simpleminded racist sabre-rattling against worldwide Islam, and (b) the hatred and contempt of sort of man, culturally produced/endorsed or otherwise, that the uncle clearly is. My real point was that in terms of life values, feminism transcends race and nation, as it has always done, and women are getting the nasty pointy end of the stick, as we have also always done.

Cozalcoatl, I'm in a bit of dilemma here as the Bloke, a geek only in his embrace of the digital age, is actually very familiar with the (Australian) army and I hear a lot about it; it's not actually as simple as that. But you're certainly right to say that the military acts as an enabling culture for nutters.

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Pavlov's Cat said...

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