Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Is everyone else completely, totally and utterly fed up with about five minutes of chilly daylight per day, during which, as during the other 23 hours and 55 minutes, the cold eats unceasingly into one's bones, or is it just me?

And yet, and yet ... When I came out of the supermarket yesterday at 5.55 pm, it was not yet quite dark, as it certainly would have been at the same time two weeks ago. It was so cold that moisture had already condensed and begun to run off the roof of the car, but also so clear that over on the northwestern horizon, above the sea, there was still a subdued navy-through-azure-to-gold-pink sort of glowy effect, against which the ancient architectural lines of the Greek Orthodox church and the sharp shapes of palm trees sat like black satin cut-outs.

It was gorgeous. It was so gorgeous I forgot, for half a second, to be cold.


Kate said...

It's not that cold here right now, but the lack of light is depressing. It's not just the short days but the grey hazy winter weather. Blech.

Zoe said...

Ah, see that's the Canberra thing. There's almost always a huge, gloriously blue sky, and the light here is amazing.

A nice post, Cat. We know the days are getting longer, it'll just take a while to feel like it's happening.

elsewhere said...

After summer here, we are positively begging for SAD. Love every moment of a gloomy, overcast day.

cristy said...

Except for today Zoe - today is grey grey grey. I love the blue skies in Canberra, but a slight increase in the temperature would also be very welcome. I am finding more and more excuses not to leave the house.

Lucy Tartan said...

I like grey skies - some of them, anyhow - the silvery pearly ones which still let some light glow through low cloud.