Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Olympic coverage whingeing

How can it be possible, given its well-publicised infamy and the number of times we heard not just any old North Americans but actual Texans pronouncing the name of the place at the height of its fame, that Bruce McAvaney -- a man well old enough to have been watching the news in 1993 -- thinks the Texas city of Waco is pronounced 'wacko', as in 'wacko Jacko'?

I mean, you can see the association of ideas. But still.


Kel said...

lol. i noticed immediately too! i wondered for a second if i was the wrong one!

Barry Leiba said...

When David Koresh was in the news, these years ago, I used to refer to his group as "the Waco wackos" (pronouncing both words correctly -- that is, differently).

Anonymous said...

I've _always_ pronounced it incorrectly (for obvious reasons), despite knowing better.

That's the point.


Mindy said...

He corrected someones (correct) pronunciation of Laos once saying "no it's Lay-oss". You'd think a professional might take the time to get these things right.