Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm so proud that he comes from my home town

H.G. Nelson (aka Greig Pickhaver) in this morning's

Suddenly a green and gold silver eldorado has been unearthed in Beijing. At this stage of the international school sports carnival we will take anything that glints.

There is a funding crisis across every theatre of sport. Australia is simply not spending enough. Figures analysed today indicate that we tip 40 million large down the spout for every gold medal. The question to pose is: does any of this lolly tipped in at the top trickle down to getting fat, unfit kids on the move?

There is bugger all evidence to suggest that up top investment is paying off slimming on the nation’s bottom end. Australia bats well above its weight in the world’s obesity tables. This is something for politicians to ponder as the bids for funding filter in.

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Anonymous said...

He was very amusing this morning on the radio. He suggested (with some prompting from Fran Kelly) that 55% of GDP was barely enough to give to the AIS, and that perhaps we could raid the Future Fund (after all, what's it there for if not to ensure future Olympic glory?)