Friday, August 08, 2008

Homage to Ampersand Duck

I loved Ampersand Duck's LOLcat Report so very much that I haven't been able to resist compiling one of my own, so here is an illustrated summary of recent activities.

Because of the protracted nature of the Rubbing the Lotion on its Skin episode (NB skin cancer all gone and disgusting mess on face also almost completely cleared up, hooray), I have not inflicted my close proximity on my hairdresser for far too long, so there's been plenty of this:

I have one of those peasant-survivor metabolisms that need to eat almost nothing simply in order not to gain weight (in order to lose it, I would have to *shudder* go to the gym as well. Hah. Ew), so there has also been quite a lot of this:

Unfortunately, especially in the blogosphere, there's lately been rather too much of this:

As usual there's been far too much of this

and there's also been more and more of this:

But there hasn't been anywhere near enough of this

or this

or this:

And there definitely hasn't been enough of this:


tigtog said...


My dad had to do the same skin-cream thing for some cancers a few years ago - it ended up making his complexion absolutely lovely. Hope it ends up the same for you!

Ampersand Duck said...


and the door bitch contains 'eowm' which is close enough!!