Monday, May 07, 2007

Things I learned over the weekend

Dirty dishes breed. (Actually I already knew that.)

Getting the single biggest workload-monkey off your back just makes room for all the little ones to swarm up there instead.

It is possible to go straight from listening to Port Power's ex-gun forward Stuart Dew making a remarkably good debut for local ABC radio calling the game at AAMI Stadium on the car radio to watching a Theatre Guild production of The Importance of Being Earnest in order to review it for the local press without even changing gear. Who says there's a gap between high and popular culture, pfft.

It is also possible to write a list of things that must be done and tick all of them off by the end of the day. I never knew this before.

If you don't tie up the climbing roses, they will fall over.

It's a bad idea to explore the haunts of your unhappy youth. Especially alone at night on a particularly nineteenth-century part of the campus in a part of town where ghosts of all kinds abound.

Saturday morning is the worst possible time to go shopping in the Central Market.

Offered a choice of litter trays, the cats will use both of them.

There is a fantastic Greek butcher in the Welland shopping centre, just over from Dan Murphy's.

Plants in pots under shelter will not have benefited from the recent rains that made you think you could forget all about the watering.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to the Central Market on Saturday, get in and out early as possible (I find Friday night to be the no-go time).

Be thankful your cat even uses the tray - in a household of seven cats and five trays, one of ours uses none of them.

Thanks for the tip about the butcher :-)

You've probably been asked a zillion times, but are you related to Peter Goldsworthy?

Pavlov's Cat said...

1) I am fortunate in that I am self-employed and can therefore, theoretically at least, go to the market whenever it's open. To me the main point of the market is to mooch around it window-shopping (expect of course that there are no windows) so I favour mid-morning on a Tuesday. Most people are at work, and most people have done the bulk of their shopping for the week, but it's still early enough for there to be lovely fresh stuff for sale. You can even get a table at Lucia's.

2) I have never once had to clean up (well, furballs, sure, but no "accidents") after either cat since I brought them home as tray-trained stray kittens from the RSPCA in 2000. Not once. Yes I am very very lucky.

3) The butcher is fab. Lots and lots of variety, also fish, and lots of fresh pre-prepared Greek-style meat.

4) I've known Peter for years and years from around the Littery traps, but neither of us has ever been able to find a link in the respective family trees.

ThirdCat said...

Oh dear. I do hope you weren't bopped by my children's balloons. Really, people should not give out balloons to children, especially on Saturday mornings.

Pavlov's Cat said...

3C, I am very happy to be bopped by the balloons of children. Being bopped by the toy crossbows of children is less attractive, though, it must be said, and has been known to happen (though I'm sure it wasn't your boys).

Actually it's not the crowds as such I mind so much, except for the Lucia's=table thing, it's more the not being able to get close enough to the vendors to tell them audibly what one wants, even if one can manage to get their attention.