Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers

On Friday the local ABC radio station had a rather odd talkback segment: people were invited to ring in and tell the stories about the most embarrassing thing their mothers had ever done.

Embarrassing? I thought. Was my late and much-lamented Ma ever embarrassing?

Couldn't think of a single time. Not once.

Mother's Day is a bit bleak these days, what with nobody to give a new dressing-gown to. So I'll cheer myself up by wishing all of my bloggy mates what is mothers themselves a very happy one. Especially Cristy and Zoe.


ThirdCat said...

And did you hear the woman who said the best advice from her mother was 'a lady's greatest asset is a man's imagination'.

genevieve said...

Thirdcat, I wish my mother had the imagination to come up with summat like that.
Thanks muchly for the wishes, PC.

GOTA said...

My most embarrassing mother moment was when I invited my partner to my parents' place 6 years ago to meet them. As I made coffee I overheard my mother tell him: "Well, at least we Australians don't throw our children overboard."

(I still love her.)

shula said...

Me too, Pavlov.

elsewhere said...

I really can't believe that, PC. Surely all mothers are by definition embarrassing. And what was that thing Marguerite Duras said -- why does every woman think her mother is mad?

cristy said...

Thank you!

I plan to be a very embarrassing mother.

Zoe said...

why does every woman think her mother is mad?

My psychiatrist told me she was!

And thanks Pav - I tried to leave a ta yesterday but was foiled.

Kate said...

the not quite 5 month old on my lap looks embarrassed regularly.

my mother is embarassing too, but pales in comparison to her best friend. her children were and are routinely mortified.

Anonymous said...

My Mum isn't too bad, but the MIL has all the tact of a brick in the face so it evens out.

(cowardly anon for this comment)

seepi said...

My mother is very very very.

Once she rode a horse to my workplace
(large govt office) and made me picnic in full view of half the building.

elsewhere said...

Seepi -- your mother sounds excellent!