Thursday, May 10, 2007

Taureans Rule, Part 2

Next time you find yourself trashing Her Maj, stop and ask yourself if you'll be able to make it alone up those stairs in those shoes when you've just turned 81.

Even if you haven't just had to endure the company of George Bush all through dinner.

Yes yes, I'm sure the Brazilian aquamarines and diamonds help to ease the pain. But still.


ThirdCat said...

And not to mention all the people who lay your clothes out and run your bath...I'm sure they make life a bit easier too.

ThirdCat said...

Of course, that it is the royal 'you'.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, and the good food and warm clothes and doctors on tap all your life as well. But it doesn't protect you from idiot presidents and feral daughters-in-law and having to eat grasshoppers at banquets and so on.

You have to admire the old girl. You do. Look how straight her back is.

BK said...

Pav's a closet Royalist!

Pavlov's Cat said...

No no no no no no no no.


It's not the Royals qua Royals. It's Her Maj herself. I admire the old bird and her incredible toughness and resilience. I also admire her dignity, of which there's not an awful lot left about the place these days.

I mean, she may have people laying her clothes out and running her bath, but look at her awful parents. Look at her dreadful husband. Look at her (mostly) hopeless children, her (mostly) barking children-in-law, and her (mostly) drunken grandchildren. Imagine what it would be like, knowing your fate was closely entwined with those people, not to mention Diana Spencer and Sarah Ferguson and Cherie Blair, and that you would be judged by millions on the basis of how you dealt with them. Ew.

Besides, I would have thought a man who called himself Black Knight would have been tapped on the shoulder by a sword-wielding monarch at some point himself. The disloyalty, sirrah!

BK said...

Ooh, got you good and riled, Pav. Must have hit home ;)

And you'll notice that I neither approved nor disapproved of your opinion. . . Nor did I comment on my own position.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Ah yes, but you are a scientist and trained to see what is before your eyes, whereas I am a literary critic and trained to see what is between the lines ...

BK said...

I shall smirk into my beard, then. I might permit myself a little 'mwah hah hah'.

ThirdCat said...

Do you know that's one of the very real regrets in my life, that I didn't try the grasshoppers in Mexico.

lucy tartan said...

You need a good straight back to bear up under the weight of all those imperial jewels at that site you linked to.

The gowns can't be light either.

Despite how that sounds, I agree with you about her. Perhaps it was the War.

Anonymous said...

Enemy Combatant sez:

Yes, Pav. I've been worrying myself sick about Majesty lately. Who will dare intercede to prevent her sacrificing herself on behalf of her beloved England? Imagine that. A woman of her breeding, feeling compelled to grace the Court of The Imbecile. And soon her granson is off to Empire's imperatives in Mesopotamia. It's just not fair of Albion to expect so much from a monarch like Elizabeth who has forsaken all; that she might secure her country's noble destiny.

Bwca said...

Those Brazilian aquamarines are the least charming of all Her Maj's jewels.
I have great empathy for the woman.
What a shitty life.
She breakfasts alone by her 2-bar electric heater, on cornflakes out of plastic storage containers.
Everybody around her is barking mad, and she has to be diplomatic with strangers all the time.
The Annie Leibovitz photographs just out in Vanity Fair and HEllo! are the best ever taken of her.
She is our Head Of State, whatever Malcolm Turnbull wants, and until she is not, anyone insulting her should be charged with Treason.

It will all be over when Charles and Camilla get to the head of the line. over. and Her Maj KNOWS IT.
That will keep her going till 102 i reckon.

peace and love to all.