Monday, May 07, 2007

Interwebs? What are these interwebs of which you speak?

From today's Crikey bulletin:

'For the third year, the Treasurer's office has refused Crikey permission to attend the Budget lock-up, a facility extended, according to the cut-and-paste rejection letter we received late last Friday, ''... to a limited number of organisations that focus on providing information and analysis that is widely available''. That means organisations like The Illawarra Mercury, The Border Mail, The Newcastle Herald and The Gold Coast Bulletin.'

Perhaps the last person leaving the Howard Government would be kind enough to turn out the lights.


Mark said...

It's not that they don't understand what the intertubes are, it's that they hate Crikey. Cossie has been pretty upfront about that being the actual reason in previous years.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh yes, I know -- there have been some very funny, indeed classic, Stephen Mayne posts on the subject over the years. No, what I meant was that they should have realised by now that their hatred of Crikey isn't a good enough reason, whether they confess it or not, to hint however disingenuously in their official refusal letter that Crikey isn't a legit media outlet. And their admission to the lock-up of the Illawarra Mercury et al and refusal of said admission to Crikey makes them look more and more ridiculous and out of touch as the years thunder by.

Steve said...

In fairness to the Newcastle Herald, the Herald gets more readers than the others mentioned combined. :P