Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Santoro's "charity" of choice: 'to counter feminism, defend the unborn and the traditional family'

As investigated and reported by Radio National's The World Today this afternoon, Senator Santo Santoro's idea of what constitutes a 'charity' is a bit looser than the one most of us have.

Sprung owning shares that put him squarely in the centre of a conflict of interest, given his portfolio as Minister for Ageing, Santoro claimed that he had donated the profits to 'charity' after selling shares that he should have been sacked for holding at all. But, as (unlike Senator Ian Campbell) he wasn't getting in the way of any Prime Ministerial attempts to smear the Leader of the Opposition, it hasn't been deemed necessary to remove him.

The 'charity' in question turns out to be something called the Family Council of Queensland, which, far from being a registered charity, is actually a conservative lobby group: a loose affiliation of mainly Christian groups with policies their president describes as 'pro-family' -- a term recognised by people on both sides of the debate as a dog-whistle/euphemism for 'anti-progressive in general and anti-women's rights in particular'.

While the above ABC link quotes the president's examples of 'pro-family' policies as being anti-child abuse and anti-pornography, a look at their website and those of the different organisations that belong shows that other policies include anti-abortion, anti-stem cell research, anti-contraception, and open, hostile anti-feminism. (Though you have to wonder what they think 'feminism' is.)

They have no interest in actually helping people in need; they seem 'pro-family' chiefly in the literal sense of wanting to produce more and bigger families, via the enforced compliance of traditional baby-making machines, also known as "women".

At least one of the bodies that form this Family Council is somewhere on the nutso side of truly barking. The Festival of Light is a member, but the Festival of Light looks sober and rational next to this mob here.

One wonders just how much money Senator Santoro got for his shares, and what the Family Council of Queensland plans to do with it. In the meantime, this sequence of events is being held up as an example of the Ministerial Code of Conduct at work.


Another Outspoken Female said...

The link to that mob is very disturbing. Even more alarming to think that an organisation based on hating women probably has a number of them as their members.

Anonymous said...

One word for Santoro: CREEP

Which is also an acronym from Nixon's day, the Committee to Re-Elect the President. Which led to Watergate...

He's probably on something similar here, substituting PM for Prez. To judge from the amount of dirt being thrown lately

Lucy Sussex

Perry Middlemiss said...

I heard somewhere that the donation figure was $6K. Why hasn't anyone in the MSM picked up on this "charity"? Is it that they aren't doing their jobs, or just don't care? I suspect the latter.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Well, Mark Colvin on MP did (despite what the transcript says) -- that's where I first heard it. There's some stuff at Crikey today, though they wouldn't thank you for calling them MSM, perhaps. Aussie Bob at the Road to Surfdom did some extra digging and in terms of who these people are, it just gets worse and worse.