Thursday, March 29, 2007

Faster than a speeding bullet

From Henry Thornton in today's Crikey newsletter:

" ... elite athletes who failed a drug test have had Olympic gold medals taken from them. This case is different, the players concerned having supposedly not failed a test (but then, how would we know under the AFL's "three strikes" policy?)

But in this case we have the testimony of the club itself. West Coast won the 2006 AFL grand final by one point. In the light of recent revelations, can they be rightly regarded as a fair winner?"

I bet the Sydney Swans have been asking themselves that for a while now. Then again, given the 'three strikes' policy, there's no guarantee all the Swans were clean, either.

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comicstriphero said...

It stinks to high heaven, the whole thing.

The secrecy of the AFL only serves to cast suspicion on ALL players.

But I'm not sure drugs are to blame for the swans loss in last year's GF - it would have been nice if Barry Hall had remembered his goal-kicking boots.

Revenge is red and white!