Thursday, March 08, 2007

A must-read

In case, like me, you missed it at the time, Aussie Bob had a brilliant bit of media analysis up yesterday morning about the weekend's events in politics, the responses to the events in the polls, and the responses to the polls in the papers, directing us to a piece by Paul Kelly:

'It’s titled “No evidence to put Rudd in the doghouse”, and then goes on to tell us Rudd’s in the doghouse, based on the amazing logic that because Paul Kelly has to tell us Rudd’s not in the doghouse, this means that Rudd is in the doghouse!

... While assuring us Rudd did nothing wrong, Kelly then proceeds to tells us just why Rudd’s character is compromised anyway: basically because the likes of Paul Kelly have to explain why it’s not.

Totally circular logic. You figure it out.

... I wonder if they realise just how out of step they really are with public opinion? Public opinion was expressed in the latest Newspoll.

... If Rudd had tanked, we’d be reading how “the public has spoken”. We’d be reading about his “demise”. They’d be crowing from the rooftops.

But because the numbers for Labor actually went up, we’re being treated to the unedifying spectacle of pundits everywhere spinning the result.'


Zoe said...

He's part of what Greg Sheridan calls "the elite media".

Pardon me while I now go and choke on the realisation that I have just cited Greg Sheridan.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Heh. As distinct from the mass media? Oh, wait.

Good to hear from you -- hope all is going smoothly in the newly rectangulated family structure.