Friday, March 30, 2007

Overheard at random in the crowd at Adelaide's Central Market, Friday 6:04-6:07 pm

'You mean you were, like, sort of happy but sad.'

'... and we're launching the new series on Monday.'

'I mean, she's been very good to you.'

'Don't be rude, Vanya.'

I love the market -- lots of tiny little windows, open for just a heartbeat, onto other people's lives.

My takeaway barbecue pork buns rocked, too.


Meredith said...

Ah yes, fab. Overheard on a St Kilda tram once (by my mother):

"She's a total slut"
thoughtful pause
"I'm a slut too"

Lunar Brogue said...

Yes, lovely. And with the aid of a little imagination, each window can open onto fantastic worlds too. (Vanya might have been comparing the shape of her too-punctual personal trainer to that of a heat-stressed eggplant.)

ps Is there an incompatibility between market shopping and personal training?

Pavlov's Cat said...

Au contraire: market shopping at the Adelaide Central market, at least on a Friday night or Saturday morning, is a form of working out. There's the slalom walk, where you dodge around the under-ten, the over-eighty, the drugged or hungover, and all those in wheeled conveyances of any kind; the all-in wrestling, where you try to get at the best rockmelon before anyone else does; the breathing exercises you have to do in order to stay calm and not be crushed, and so on.

Meredith, love the slut exchange. What a fair-minded young woman.

(Well, I assume it was a woman. Can't imagine any man calling himself a slut; blokesluts think of themselves as studs, in my experience.)

ashleigh said...

The market is cool.

My kids hated it when young, these days is we go the youngest makes slurping noises and says "yummmmmm" at the sight of just about everything around.

Luxury was when I was on jury duty and was next door pretty much every day. We ate so well - fantasic sausages, fresh as fresh can be fruit and vegetables. The wallet suffered terribly, though.

GoAwayPlease said...

"and keep it up for another 468 pages" is a snip, the tricky bit is to believe somebody else will find it compelling.

When an interviewer asked Elmore Leonard why his novels were so successful, and what the most profitable genre of writing might be, my hero 'Dutch' replied:

"I leave out the parts people usually skim over"
"ransom notes".

re snippets of conversation overheard (like Meredith's snappy exchange above), in his film The Four Musketeers (with Raquel Welch and some guys) Robert Altman had wonderful teasing overlapping dialogue in a Royal Court scene, which I wish I could see again.

Once on a train, the conversation of two criminals was so amazing I had to start taking it down on every bit of paper in my bag.
You couldn't make it up.
*different gaol practices,
*regional drug quality
* friends drug manufacturing
*bashings with nose biting
*bombing of a DHS office
* borrowing money from wives
*dislike of own children ...
It belongs in a novel.

Have I digressed ? apologies.

Dating said...

Meredith, love the slut exchange. What a fair-minded young woman.