Thursday, March 22, 2007

Better, if not bigger, than Ben Hur

Did anyone see K. O'Brien and K. Rudd on The 7.30 Report just then?

They were both at the top of their respective games, and they are conversationally really good for each other. O'Brien asked tough questions without spin or bullying; Rudd answered them all directly. Each was doing his life's work and doing it flawlessly. It was a meeting of minds in overdrive. As Gregory House would say, it was a beautiful thing.

I'm neither Kruddy's nor Red Kerry's biggest fan, but I have to admit they were both fabulous. Rudd's wonderfully articulate responses alone would have got me sucked in even without the obvious ease with which he was all over everything he was asked about, to say nothing of his obvious comfort in the interrogee's chair in front of the camera.

Given the shocking things that have been done to the ABC over the last few years, one forgets that in spite of it they can still turn on that kind of quality. It made me so happy I'm going to have another glass of wine.


R H said...

Wooh! Pour me a plonk too!

(One day we'll laugh again)


GoAwayPlease said...

Yes! 'Articulate' - a completely separate language.

genevieve said...

I've seen Rudd do that to Tony Jones too - before he was leader. Impressive.