Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The 'Seven Things' meme

I took up blogging just too late to cotton on to the 'seven things' meme that was doing the rounds at the time. But since I've been idly scrolling through the archives of bloggers I like and have found it there, and since it's December 28th and there is, after all, bugger-all to do because all the Christmas leftovers have been thrown out and all the Christmas mess cleaned up, I'm reduced to lightweight yet irresistible blogger games. So here we go:

7 things I want to do before I die

1) Go (back) to Florence
2) See Nashville, New Orleans, New York and Quebec
3) Swim with dolphins
4) Write that novel
5) Live by the sea
6) Learn to play the cello
7) Get fit (hah)

7 things I cannot do

1) Relax about cooking for other people
2) Fix any computer-related problem without sweating and swearing
3) Find out who my great-grandma Quigg's parents were
4) Suffer fools gladly
5) Understand what motivates conservative politicians
6) Play the cello
7) Get fit

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1) Sense of humour - the only non-negotiable requirement
2) Talent -- Imran Khan was right when he said that doing something, anything, very well is very sexy
3) Articulateness
4) Responsiveness to other people (e.g. me) and to what's going on around him
5) Good hair
6) Grace of movement
7) Power of presence

7 things that I say most often

1) Holy moly.
2) Hello, Blossom.
3) Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey!
4) Oh, not again.
5) Take care.
6) Get down off my chair! (To cat)
7) I did not.

7 celebrity crushes

1) Johnny Depp, what can I say.
2) Colin Firth, and do we care that Peter Craven doesn't get it?
3) Bruce, the Boss. Yes yes, I know he's getting on, but hey, so am I.
4) Dave Hughes -- it's the headgear role-playing segments, I think.
5) Ralph Fiennes, but I haven't seen HP4 yet.
6) Robert Carlyle (makes hissing noise through teeth).
7) Michael Ignatieff. I loves me a sexy intellectual.


Brownie said...

Robert carlyle & Johnny Depp: oh oh oh

'great-grandma Quigg's parents were'?
get her marriage certificate?

Pavlov's Cat said...

I know, I know. Robert Carlyle is one of those men that people either get or they don't. (Everybody gets J Depp, of course.)

Marriage certificate -- yes, that's the next step. Just haven't got organised enough yet.

Brownie said...

TV John: why didye not lay with the senior detective constble on your bed?

Hamish Macbeth: I didnae want to wake wee Jock.

So I said to my friend" theres this little film opening and it will only run a week so we have to see it the first day'.
Full Monty ran about 3 years.

re Grandma: I am the worlds greatest genealogist and if you tell me one more thing about her I could crack it.
Country of birth?
name of any child?
was grandpa in any war?
an Irish Robert Quigg got a VC serving in an aussie force.
There were 2 Quigg brothers round Daylesford and Kyneton last century and their daughters were Liz, Ellen, Bridget, Mary, Hanorah, Catherine and Nelly - ring any bells?

Pavlov's Cat said...

This is a very generous offer, kitty brown, but all I really need to do is get organised enough to hie me down to the state library (I do know she was born in SA) for an hour or two; it's just terrible laziness about research that can't be done online. I'm almost sure it's one of those situations where the early-widowed mother remarried and was buried under a different surname.

Ron said...

"1) Relax about cooking for other people"

That is soooo hard for me too. I sometimes make the dishes two or three times in advance until I've got it down right but I STILL have anxiety attacks right up until we all actually sit down at the table.

The first glass of plonk at that time is always the best! (Never game enough to dring while I'm cooking.)

Pavlov's Cat said...

I start drinking at the point at which it looks as if everything might be all right after all. But there is always, always some kind of classy ice cream in the freezer just in case the dessert does something terrible, like the time the lemon juice curdled the cream in the homemade cantaloupe ice cream recipe I'd made a dozen times before.