Friday, December 09, 2005


In today's Australian, Jane Fraser's 'Strewth!' column contains a sort of social-pages item listing the attendees at the Sydney launch of Michael Connor's book The Invention of Terra Nullius. Present was a predictable gaggle (school? pride?) of conservatives including Leonie Kramer, David Flint, Janet Albrechtsen, Christopher Pearson and Keith Windschuttle, who did the honours.

Windschuttle, having done his launching bit, will now get on with writing the second volume of his The Fabrication of Australian History, but he's not hopeful that it'll sell a lot of copies. 'The truth of it,' Fraser quotes him as saying, 'is that the Left buy books but the Right don't.'

Hang in there, Mr Windschuttle. Sooner or later, that other shoe will drop.

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