Wednesday, December 14, 2005

If it's good enough for him ...

Longtime Fatwa victim Salman Rushdie on the realities and the virtues of multiculturalism:

"This is the question of our time: how does a fractured community of multiple cultures decide what values it must share in order to cohere, and how can it insist on those values even when they clash with some citizens’ traditions and beliefs?

The beginnings of an answer may be found by asking the question the other way around: what does a society owe to its citizens? The French riots demonstrate a stark truth. If people do not feel included in the national idea, their alienation will turn to rage."

Read the whole thing here.


Amanda said...

Salman's op eds speak a lot of sense. His recentish one of religion was a cracker.

Pavlov's Cat said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with Rushdie or multiculturalism, but to go OT for a minute, I just clicked through to your profile and looked at your Favourite Music. Such a discerning taste will properly appreciate my own first three downloads from iTunes: Steve Earle singing Copperhead Road; Emmylou singing Pancho (or as my friend Patrick insists, Poncho -- I bet you know which it is) and Lefty; and Kasey Chambers singing Better Be Home Soon from the She Will Have Her Way all-girl Finn Brothers tribute album.