Friday, December 02, 2005

A far, far better thing

Just this minute heard on the radio (ABC Adelaide) that gifted tax minimiser and generous Liberal Party donor Rob Gerard has resigned from his new post on the board of the Reserve Bank.

Presenter Carole Whitelock asked David Bevan, who was covering the story, whether there was any suggestion that Gerard had been pushed by Howard or Costello, given the flak the government is taking over his appointment.

Not bloody likely. This government clearly believes that falling on one's sword is for wimps -- look how long it's been since any of them did, even when it seemed to be the only possible option. Hard to believe that the late lamented Mick Young once resigned over an inappropriate teddy bear at Customs.

The reason given for his resignation by Gerard's lawyer Michael Abbott QC is that the fallout has damaged his health. Pity he went for the public-sympathy option rather than the Doing the Right Thing position, but even then it's still refreshing to see a public figure in a compromised position take appropriate action, rather than hang on grimly by his or her toenails while the cronies do protective things with smoke and mirrors.

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