Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More wrongful detention: some wondering

I wonder how hard the government has been trying to suppress the story of Tony Tran. (UPDATE: quite hard, apparently.) Here's the transcript from Lateline, which broke the story on Monday night.

I wonder what Tony Tran was thinking while the Vivian Solon and Cornelia Rau stories were in the news.

I wonder what kind of bafflegab and b*llshit Kevin Andrews has/will come up with this time, and whether this story will make his nose and ears go all red on the teeve, as telltale a sign with Andrews as the shoulder twitch is with Ratty. You'd think Makeup would be Awake-up by now.

I wonder where most people would rather see their taxes go: to compensation for Tony Tran and his son -- or to the subsidy of other people's "choice" of private schools for their children?


Mindy said...

I'd like to see them at least offer them permanent residency. As far as I'm aware there is nothing in the father's history that would make him a risk. Of course they can't do it under a caretaker govt because it's probably a ministerial decision, but I hope he doesn't get lost in the post election rush.

Lord Sedgwick said...

A story like this has me with my head between my knees thinking that this is usually the stuff of fiction ... and characteristically Orwell, Kafka, Waugh and Huxley fiction.