Monday, November 12, 2007

Election notes

1) News Ltd journo Glenn Milne, he of the unbuttoned physical attack on Stephen Mayne at the last Walkley Awards presentations, hit a new low in barrel-bottom scraping and general insinuendo yesterday when this snide little exercise in violently subjective, connotative language dredged up some tenuous, nay, gossamer fifteen-year-old scuttlebutt about a former lover of Julia Gillard's, hinting that she was complicit or worse in said former lover's irregular financial dealings.

Memo to Ms Gillard: stay away from men called Barry, Brian or Bruce. Just ask me.

Memo to Glenn Milne: which part of 'desperate' don't you understand?

2) I just saw a lovely bit of footage of Ratty wittering on today about 'Australian families' during which Cossie was caught on-camera yawning without even bothering to cover his mouth. Is this a man (loyal, well-mannered, sophisticated, alert ... not) we want in charge of the country?

3) And speaking of Australian families, personally I'm a self-employed independent. And if I hear the idiotic and meaningless phrase 'working families' one more time, from either side, I'm voting Green. I swear.


Mary Bennet said...

"Unbuttoned" - what a lovely euphemism for oafishly drunk!

"Working families" gets up my nose too but as a newish parent, I was tempted to vote Green (or notify DOCS) by the dragging the prime ministerial grandchild to the campaign launch. No place for a baby!

Kathleen said...

I am so over the apparently-majority understanding of "family" in this country. It is bad enough that we are deeply racist, xenophobic, homophobic, intolerant of other religions, etc.

We also apparently have a completely outdated, outmoded, discriminatory and economically dangerous opinion of what constitutes a "family".

Sorry, I know I am teetering dangerously close to the edge of my soapbox, so I'll stop now. It just infuriates me to consider how many Australians are excluded by these traditional, white, utterly sexist, rosy-lensed and positively geriatric views of how society should, ideally, work.

Arrrrrrggggh. On the upside, I sent off my postal vote yesterday, so I feel like I've taken my small step towards change. Please God.

Anonymous said...

Families! Don't start with the families! It's not just witless politicians who abuse it; in recent months I've seen ads for "family butchers", "family undertakers" and "family racing nights" (at the trots). Non-spawners are unwelcome, I presume.
As for 'working families', what about non-working (i.e. dysfunctional) famlies? Don't they deserve a mention?