Sunday, November 11, 2007


Cozalcoatl said...

Not being disrespectful ...

but after watching the very funny Lego Eddie Izzard on various blogs, I watched a heap more. Pavlov's Cat seemed fitting...

Pavlov's Cat said...

'Cat rings bell, I eat food.' Yes. That isn't comedy, that's just documentary.

I can only plead that I thought of Pavlov's Cat all by myself, and only later discovered that one (very good) folky English band, one catfood-delivery product inventor, one poet and one comedian had all thought of it before me.

Nogueira Jr said...

"We are free to be free
To make our own destiny
To shine like the sun
To become one
To hide under the moon
Under in the gloom
To run with the deer
To make worry disappear
To listen and to hear
To love and to fear
To make our minds be clear
To laugh and to cheer
To travel and to steer
In the path we have chosen
To be hot or cold or even frozen
We are free to be free
To make our own destiny
And to look back from the finish line
And to shout with joy and not to whine."
By Daniel Hooks

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