Saturday, June 21, 2008

Il faut souffrir pour être belle

From here:

A woman who claims she copped more than an eyeful while trying on a skimpy Victoria's Secret undergarment is suing the lingerie giant, London's Daily Mail reported.

The woman has filed a suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court claiming she was trying on a Victoria's Secret "v-string" when a metal piece detached from the thong, hitting her in the eye.

Lawyers for Macrida Patterson, 52, argue the metallic ornament should have been fixed securely to the garment, citing a "design problem" for the incident.

Perhaps the gods of lingerie were trying to tell her something. 52 is too old for a thong. It just is. Even if your bum is pumped full of silicone, there are dignity issues.


Anonymous said...

"52 is too old for a thong."
Fiddlesticks, PC, only for some.
Pushing the outer limits of the bell curve of individual difference though one may be in this instance----I contend that together with personality, heart, soul and character; good muscle tone, shapeliness, attitude and modus locomoto can still count for heaps at 52.

Those "lifestyle" magazines and the fickleness of evolution have much for which to answer.


lucy tartan said...

Who bloody tries on underpants?

Anonymous said...

Thongs are revolting, in my opinion, but 52 is definitely not too old to wear anything. A woman doesn't need to be full of silicone to look great at that age. My mum wore a bikini well into her 60s and looked fantastic. (Just great genes, which unfortunately she has not passed on to me.)

As for this woman suing Victoria Secret — if the item was truly faulty, good luck to her. She may be completely silly to like thongs, but she certainly doesn't deserve to lose an eye while trying them on! Why try them on? Beats me, but maybe she needed a big mirror and clinical lighting of a dressing room to carefully assess if her b** looked big in it.

ocky said...

Jeez, there are so many problems here. Like Lucy says, who takes undies for a test drive? And what shop would allow it? Particularly for such (ahem) close-fitting apparel. And why do the knickers have what sounds like a ninja star? How are you gonna explain that to airport security?

Perhaps poor Macrida should have gone home and bunged on a nice pair of Cottontails instead.

Suse said...

Can you please tell my sister-in-law that bit about being too old?


genevieve said...

That's St.Exupery, isn't it. A rose has to have thorns...Heh, and probably not only in L.A.

Caroline said...

No age is any age to wear a g-string. They are the most uncomfortable, ridiculous pieces of 'clothing' ever invented by a man. Any woman silly enough to put herself through the discomfort of the permanent wedgie must have rocks in her head. I admit I had rocks in my head for half a day and then ripped the ridiculous thing off and vowed never to try and wear it again. If you want no line from undies then French Knickers do nicely,'cept they're difficult to find. And while I'm at it, has anyone noticed how even normal undies nowadays seem to have half the fabric in them and have gotten ridiculously thin?

The thong worries me as it causes me to wonder why is it exactly that so many men are apparently fixated on arses.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Suse, I think I had that post in the back of my mind at some point, but there's one thing I'm curious about. Did you mind washing her thong because it was a thong, or because you'd only known her for 36 hours, or because she was 53?

EC, I wasn't saying that women in their/our 50s are all washed up, nor was I assessing them/us for general fuckability. I was merely saying that it's a lucky and unusual woman who at 52 still has the bod for a thong, and even if she does still have the bod for it, her face will probably look a little strange with it.

And even if she has the face for it as well, her brain will probably be telling her after 35 years of being an adult woman that walking around with a permanent wedgie is up the extreme end of unnecessary female self-torture, just this side of the Brazilian that one will, if one wears a thong, also need.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Caroline, comments crossed. What you said.

Ariel said...

Hear, hear. Who tries on underwear, especially underwear that sits ... where a thong does.

And they ARE just awful, at any age. They sound awful and they are. (A boyfriend once bought me one - assorted lingeries, actually - for MY BIRTHDAY. So I tried it, and hated it, as I'd known I would.)

Thongs started life as underwear for strippers. I'd prefer VPL anyday.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, PC, hadn't gleaned all that from the four sentences of your original post. However, from the viewpoint of Ms Patterson, the wounded litigant, perhaps the f-factor you mention wasn't entirely peripheral to her decision to purchase the (yes, ghastly) garment.


Kathleen said...

Apparently we will all soon be wearing Spanx, as an end our VPL problems. They're a bit bizarre - granny panties on 'roids.

ThirdCat said...

Overheard in David Jones
"I just want something pretty, but secure".

Mindy said...

Apparently many men prefer VPL as well.

Darlene said...

Nobody ever took an eye out wearing sensible knickers from Big W.

I'll be unpopular, but clothes do have age ranges, unless you are the sort of person who doesn't care. Looking chic beats looking cheap.

I was just walking behind a "mature" woman who was wearing huge white plastic boots (like 1970s plastic boots) and a red skirt with a split up the arse so far you could've gave seen her g-string. If I'm going to be honest and not bound by progressive poltics, I'll say she looked ridiculous.

Lefty E said...

Who wears underpants anyway?

Anonymous said...

It looks as if Macrida was putting on “the item” in the locker room after work when the incident occurred ( The video shows the 52-year-old traffic officer looking alert, if not a bit flabby, at least in the arms department. I wonder if the plaintiff has realised that this sort of underwear is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be?


Anonymous said...

The only point of wearing a thong is to take it off again almost straight away.