Friday, December 07, 2007

Not to be confused with the Rosary Expo in Tasmania or the Yarmulke Market in FNQ

My head is currently full of sand and fog for reasons best known to the mind gods, so it was with less surprise than you might expect that I heard someone on ABC radio today mentioning 'the Burke affair in Western Australia' and was absolutely sure she'd said 'the burqa fair'.

Surely a heightened awareness of the Other, to the point where one's subconscious is affecting one's auditory function, can only be a good thing, right?


Kate said...

I mis-read (street signs, advertising etc) & mis-hear things regularly. We've taken to calling it comedy dyslexia.

Yesterday I saw a section of a children's toy website titled 'foreplay'. Ah no. Freeplay.

Helen said...

It's called a Mondogreen.

My workmate says he used to think k.d.lang's "Constant Craving" was "Can't Stand Gravy".

Martin Vennard said...

Hi, I work for BBC World Service radio on an international discussion programme called World Have Your Say and today (Monday) we are discussing whether feminism has failed, in light of the book by Carol Platt Liebau - "Prude: How the sex obsessed culture damages girls". We are on air from 6pm to 7pm London time (1pm to 2pm East Coast Time in the States) and were wondering whether you would be interested in taking part in the discussion. Please send me the numbers you can be contacted on and a brief summary of your opinion or call me on +442075570635 and I will call you straight back. My email address is
Many thanks

Martin Vennard
BBC World Service radio.

Helen said...

Oh goody, we all love a "Feminism Haz Failed" program / op-ed / article.

lucy tartan said...

Has Feminism Failed?

25 words or fewer summaries of your opinions, please, not excluding your best guess at what exactly it is that feminism might have failed at, upon this occasion.

fifi said...


this is so weird,
I was just reading your blog and YOU CAME ON THE RADIO talking about your blog.

If ever I thought I was having a delusional episode, that was it.

Anyway, that was exciting.

I clearly need to get out a bit more.

Pavlov's Cat said...


Synchronicity is a wonderful thing.

I also had a weird experience with it, because of course here in Adelaide we are half an hour behind the eastern states and so I was able to do the chat for the Book Show, find my way out of the warren that is the ABC studios here, and saunter back to the car in plenty of time to listen to the whole program on the car radio.

Alison said...

I heard you on the ABC this am and haven't looked at blogs before - I was a blog virgin! But here I am checking it out - can you send me a link to the 'ask the bronte sisters'? I can't find it - technically challenged you might say!
Have you been on the BBC World Service? How did it go? Do they realise you don't live in the states?!

Pavlov's Cat said...

Hello Alison -- welcome, and good on you for venturing into scary unfamiliar waters! Here's Ask the Bronte Sisters (click on that blue writing) -- I haven't posted there for months and months, but I hope to get it going again very soon. Like, today.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh and no, I didn't reply to the BBC World Service man. But I do plan on writing a long blog post soon called 'Why feminism has succeeded'.