Monday, December 31, 2007

Hottest New Year of the Century

In Adelaide, anyway. 42.4, which is about 109 in old money.

The weather forecast says there'll be a change overnight and it will only be 38 degrees tomorrow. Better find my Fair Isle beanie and leg-warmers.

To cool down and to mark the passing of the year, I'm going to find the relevant books and read two of my favourite poems. Both (though I'm not sure this is why I like them so much) contain unforgettable images of breathlessly watchful love and care -- images created by blokes who both got themselves disgracefully wasted on a regular basis, and therefore, when thus wasted, quite incapable of looking after an unconscious sloth, never mind a child or a woman or the world.


*Shakes head sadly*

The poems in question are here and here.

The second one in particular will cool as well as calm you down. Can't do better than linking you to these by way of wishing youse all a happy, and less hot, new year.


WhatLadder said...

It's -15 here. I wish we could split the difference.

Happy 2008 (which will occur in 32 minutes for me).

Pavlov's Cat said...

And a happy new year to you too! And to Stepladder, and even to Feckless if you think he deserves it ...