Saturday, September 22, 2007

Power Cream Kangaroos

It's a little one-line poem, isn't it.

And if the bloody Victorian commentators on Channel Ten's disgraceful telecast of Power v Kangaroos at AAMI Stadium this afternoon think that their sullen, dull-witted, mean-spirited, grudging and hopelessly biased commentary (or the way the afternoon was presented at the end as having been all about Glen Archer's final game) in any way spoiled South Australians' pleasure in the spectacle of the Power giving the Kangaroos an absolute bath, then you can forget it. It didn't.

Quite the reverse, in fact. We're glad we made you sulk.

September 29, Power v. Geelong: the Burgoyne brothers, the Cornes brothers and the Ablett brothers. Can't wait.


ThirdCat said...

You should of been listening to the radio, PC. And then you could of heard the disgruntled crows fan, one of the first to ring in.

word verification: usukl!

Ian said...

Should be a good grand final, and I don't care who wins, Port or Geelong. I like them both. Hopefully they both turn up to play at their best.

Bernice said...

Spoken like a true non-Victorian...go Port.

kate said...

Speaking from North Melbourne: people here seem to be over it. We haven't draped the windows with black or anything.

Go Cats (lord knows they need all the help they can get to Actually Win The Bloody Game)

genevieve said...

Lovely article yesterday, PC. I don't feel so bad now there are some Magpies on the job (so to speak.)
Though for family reasons I do need Geelong to win.

fifi said...

It actually took me quite a while to work out what those first three words actually meant...I thought it was some kind of weird PRODUCT for cleaning with.

Penthe said...

I hope Geelong win to just stop those Victorians from whining on and on about how interstate teams get all the breaks.

(I am an ex-Victorian, but The Brisbane Bears stole my heart away)