Thursday, September 06, 2007

All kinds of things can make a person cry

Lymphopo of As the Tumor Turns, formerly Liz of Grannyvibe, has got her scans back. The longer you have been following this saga the more you will appreciate the quality of the smile.

Actually, if you've never heard of her until now this post will probably do it for you anyway.


Helen said...

I can't comment at Liz's place because it only allows Teh Evil google registration, so a big "Woooo-hoooooo!!" from me here instead.

genevieve said...

PC, how did you track the Grannyvibes lady to that blog? I can just remember you noting she had dropped off the blogging at the old site back in 2006 (has time really gone that fast?).
The hunting around for her results sounds absolutely frightful. Oh to be in Amerika, with no health insurance.
Thanks for the link, it looks like quite a journey there.

seepi said...


Thanks also for the links to the free mammograms, food for the hungry etc. I used to clinck on those years ago, but haven't for ages. I now give them all a click whenever i visit your blog.